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We have made each service catered to your individual need and Price point. 

Invest wisely I will lead the way.
Services 1. Residential

​Our company is a multifaceted business that operates with you, the customer, at the forefront of our day-to-day operations. We are well known and respected in the community and our philosophies are based on both honesty and integrity. As a client centered business, you will receive personal service and be backed by a reputable company. We implement multi-level marketing strategies that benefit our clients with every transaction. Our real estate has extensive access to information about the communities in which they deal. This includes, but is not limited to: schools, populations, recreation, entertainment, home values, growth potential and surrounding areas. I live in the areas we serve and therefore can more accurately overcome potential obstacles and focus on the unique needs of our clients.  Residential division is well-equipped to provide today's growing number of real estate investors with opportunities for both income and residential properties. The real estate market is always changing and as a result, I regularly attend training sessions and events to further their knowledge and be sure that they are focusing on current conditions that affect today's buyers and sellers. This type of training is imperative if we are to be successful in obtaining top dollar on home sales. Our goal is to make sure that we satisfy the special needs of all of our clients and at the same time make the process and transactions go as smoothly as possible.

I love pools !
Services 2. Commercial


My systems, and culture and business approach have evolved into a unique transaction platform that will bring you superior results through access to geographic markets thanks to experts in every major property type and every type of investor. I bridge the institutional market with private capital across market boundaries to maximize value for each transaction. I  don’t just market properties, we make a market for each property we represent.

Be solid in your choice's.
Services 3. Leasing​
  • A detailed Rental Market Analysis to maximize the monthly income on your investment.

  • I list the property for you on 40+ popular rental websites including,, and

  • BPM takes all of the inquiries, screens potential applicants, and sets up appointments to show the property to those that pass our pre-screening qualifications.

  • Prospective tenants submit an application through our website along with the required supporting documents so you don’t need to handle any paperwork.

  • BPM then runs a full credit and criminal background check on each occupant of legal age, checks current and previous rental history, and verifies income.

  • Once you approve the applicant that we’ve hand selected

  • You’ll be provided a full legal lease from the California Association of Realtors with all the up to date terms and relevant disclosures.

  • Lastly, I collect the Security Deposit and first month’s rent which is then sent directly to your bank account.

   You’ll be so pleased with our services that we’re sure you’ll be back to find your       next tenant!

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